How to activate Ok Google (Google Assistant)

Learn how to activate Ok Google, understand better about Google Voice Command Assistant, understand if you have how to activate it on your PC, check out what Ok Google is for, and still see a lot of exclusive content on this subject still here in this post.

Google Assistant or Google Assistant is nothing but a virtual assistant that was developed by Google that can help you do everyday tasks like calling people, sending messages, searching Google, and even chatting with the user.

How to enable Ok Google on mobile

  • Enter the Google app;
  • Click on Menu and then on Settings;
  • Choose the option Voice and then Voice Match;
  • Activate the option and say Ok Google anytime.

About Google Voice Command Assistant

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence tool developed by Google, which provides features to make users’ lives easier. And, many functions that this assistant provides are still unknown by some people, such as the function to convert units, find a photo or even send a message on WhatsApp.

The virtual assistant is native to Android cell phones, but it can also be installed on iPhone. And to start an interaction with the assistant just say: Ok Google. When the app appears on the screen, just ask questions or give commands.

How to activate on PC

To activate Google’s assistant on your computer, follow the steps below and activate it on your computer:

  • Access the website:
  • Click the microphone icon in Search by voice;
  • A box will now appear asking if you want to use the microphone, tap Allow;
  • Now just click on the microphone again and search for what you want or do the command you want.
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What is Ok Google for

Ok, Google should be said when you want to call the Google Assistant to do some research or give some command. Google’s virtual assistant serves to organize the user’s routine and facilitate the use of the cell phone.

So, to start an interaction with Google Assistant, just say Ok Google, and at the same time, a window will open, where you can enter the command you want.

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About Android

The free virtual assistant is native to Android cell phones, that is, Android cell phones already come with this function enabled, and thus it can be used without having to download anything. On iOS systems, which is on iPhone cell phones, Google can be installed, just download from the App Store.

So, if you have an Android cell phone, know that Google is already installed on it and to use the voice command, just say Ok Google, or you will need to activate the function first, in case it is deactivated.

But, be aware that the entire process is very simple, and we’ve even shown you step-by-step how to activate Google Assistant on mobile phones. Now that you know everything about this tool, take the opportunity to use this feature a lot.

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