How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video 2021 (Step by Step)

Check out How to Unsubscribe Amazon Prime Video in 2021. We’ve taken a step-by-step step to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime in India l.If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber and want to unsubscribe, be aware that in just a few steps you can unsubscribe from Amazon Prime.

How to cancel Amazon Prime on mobile

Below you can see how to cancel Amazon Prime on mobile and PC. In a few steps, it is possible to cancel without major problems.

ATTENTION: To cancel Prime Video you must have the Amazon Store app or access the website 

  • Log in to your account, click on the 3 chopsticks menu and choose “your account”
  • Click on “configure prime signature”
  • Click on “manage subscription”
  • Choose the option “cancel subscription and benefits” and then “continue and cancel”

How to cancel Amazon Prime on PC

For PC the guidelines are practically the same, but it’s worth creating a tutorial for guys who still use a computer or notebook. He follows:

  • Enter the website
  • Click on your profile, on accounts and lists;
  • Choose the Amazon Prime option;
  • Click on “manage subscription”;
  • Now in “unsubscribe and benefits”;
  • The next screen will show a number with the amount you saved by subscribing to Amazon Prime with free shipping.
  • Click on “Continue and cancel”;
  • Ready! Your Amazon Prime subscription has been successfully canceled.

In case of further questions, it is recommended to contact Amazon, as in all the countries where it operates, the service is grade 10!

Amazon Prime

Beware of undue charges

The company tries to spend the subscription fee every day, as long as the plan is not canceled, they will not stop charging. Unlike other companies and systems, where the payment attempt has two or three attempts, in this company it is several times.

What is Amazon Prime – Understand!

Amazon Prime is a plan that encompasses all Amazon services: Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Kindle, plus free shipping and exclusive offers.  All this for just 9.99 a month! And there is no separate sale of these products, they are all together, that is, to cancel Prime Music or Prime Video it is necessary to cancel everything!

Ease of cancellation

Unlike other companies that make cancellation difficult, the richest man’s company in the world is not like that! For an example of Globo Play, you can only cancel the plan through your computer or browser, there is no way to cancel it through the app.

I can’t cancel Amazon Prime Video

Many people make this claim on Google, but it’s probably because of a lack of information about the service. As mentioned above, to cancel Prime Video it is not through the series and movies app, but through the store app, because that is where the management of all products in the plan is located.

About the company

Created in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, currently the “everything store” is the largest e-commerce in the world! With sales exceeding 10 billion dollars per year.  Giving creator and CEO Jeff Bezos the rank of the richest man in the world! With a company valued at over 1 trillion dollars.

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