How to Clear Spotify Cache on Windows and Mobile

If you’re wondering how to clear Spotify’s cache on Windows and mobile, then you’ll find out how to do this below. Plus, we’ll show you what to do when Sportify crashes and much more. Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service that officially launched on October 7, 2008. It is the most popular and used streaming service in the world. It is developed by startup Spotify AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

How to clear Spotify cache on Windows

Deleting the Spotify music cache has always been a good alternative to freeing up space on your computer or mobile. That’s because, as the user listens to their playlists, even without downloading any music, the application accumulates temporary files that after a while take up a large part of the device’s storage. However, until a while ago, those who used this method had to delete all other data from the application, which included songs that had already been downloaded. But, in one of the latest Spotify updates, this rule has changed and there is already a way to delete temporary files without losing downloads. And, now we’re going to show you how to do this.

Clear cache in local files

To free up space or fix common errors, you need to clear the cache or change the storage location of your downloads, check out now how to do this on your computer:

  • Tap the down arrow located in the upper right corner of the desktop app and then select Preferences;
  • Scroll down and tap Show Advanced Settings;
  • Scroll back down to Offline Music Storage to see where the cache is stored, a tip is to change the location to store the cache elsewhere;
  • Access this folder on your computer;
  • Select and delete all files in that folder.

Spotify crashing Windows, doesn’t touch, what to do?

if your Spotify is crashing on Windows, first don’t despair, because there’s a solution for everything. And, if this is happening to you, know that now we will inform you what to do in this case, check it out:

  • Log out of Spotify and log in again;
  • Restart the Spotify app;
  • See if the app is up to date;
  • Enter settings and make sure offline mode is not enabled;
  • Close other applications that are not being used;
  • Reinstall the application;
  • Sign in to Twitter’s Spotify profile to find out about current issues.
Unsubscribe Spotify

Spotify slow on Windows, what to do?

If after following the above tips Spotify is still slow on Windows, check if it also happens on another device or web player. If not, there is likely a problem with your device, with this:

  • Make sure your device is compatible and up to date;
  • The device must have at least 250 MB of available memory;
  • If you’re using the desktop app, make sure your firewall isn’t blocking Spotify;
  • Please be aware that you may need to contact the device manufacturer to resolve this situation.

How to clear recently played Spotify

Spotify uses the memory available on your device to Cache temporary versions or snippets of music you listen to. That way when you press play, the music starts playing immediately, with few interruptions. And also for storing songs you’ve downloaded for offline listening, that’s for premium users only.

And, to ensure the best application performance, it is recommended that your phone has at least 1GB of free memory space. To free up space or fix common mistakes, you can clear your cache or change where your downloads are stored.

On iPhone, Spotify saves downloaded songs encrypted on your phone’s storage. If you need more space for a new download, iOS will automatically delete stored and unused data to free up space. If you cannot delete stored data, you need to manually free up space by removing downloaded songs. Check out now how to clear the cache on iPhone:

  • Click Home on Spotify;
  • Then tap Configure;
  • Scroll to the Storage option and click Clear cache;
  • Finally, tap Clear cache.

If you have an Android and it has an external SD card, your songs downloaded to Spotify can be saved to it instead of using the device’s internal memory. And, your SD card needs to have at least 1GB of free space. See now how to clear Spotify’s cache on Android phones:

  • Click Home on Spotify;
  • Then Configure;
  • Scroll to Storage and then select Clear cache;
  • Click Clear cache.

Uninstall and install again

If you prefer, you can uninstall and install the Spotify app again, just uninstall it from your phone and then download it again, from your Play Store or from your App Store. This is another way to clear your Spotify cache, uninstalling the application and installing it again, but if you prefer you can follow the steps above and you can also clear the cache.


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