How to Copy My Instagram Link (2021) Tutorial

Check out how to copy the link from my Instagram below, we’ll show you step-by-step how to do this so you don’t have any more doubts. In addition, you will also check out a lot of information related to this social network that is so successful.

Instagram is today’s largest social network, through it, you can share photos and videos, make boomerangs, post stories, apply digital filters and share everything on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to copy my Instagram link?

Now see the step-by-step how to copy your Instagram link through the app:

  • Log into your Instagram profile and tap on the menu icon located in the upper right corner;
  • Then tap Settings;
  • Now click on the Follow and invite friends option;
  • On this page, you will have several options to share your profile. But, we recommend that you click the Invite friends by option;
  • Then just click Copy to save your profile link in the clipboard;
  • Finally, just paste the link where you want it and that’s it.

How to copy Instagram name?

It’s very easy to copy the Instagram name, just look at the top of the profile. Instagram’s name is the famous @, for example, @lSomeOne. Everyone’s Instagram name is located right at the top of the site, so just click and copy, or type the name wherever you want.

Instagram Comments on Iphone

How to share my Instagram profile?

There are several ways to share your profile on Instagram. You can simply send the @ of your name, you can access your profile through a browser and copy the link and send it, or you can do the procedure shown above. See how to share your Instagram profile:

  • Enter your Instagram profile and access the Menu;
  • Then tap Settings;
  • Click on Follow and Invite Friends;
  • Now tap Invite friends via, and select the way you prefer, whether it’s via WhatsApp, via SMS, email, or by sending your profile link.

How to copy Instagram link to post on Facebook?

To copy the Instagram link to Facebook, just log in to your Instagram profile through a browser, it can be on your cell phone or computer. After accessing your account, enter your profile (where the photos, followers, etc.), that, copy the link, and then paste it on Facebook.

How to gain new followers on Instagram?

There are several ways to gain new followers on Instagram, you can get them organically or by buying. But, be aware that buying followers is not recommended, so, to gain followers naturally, start appearing more on this social network, posting more photos in the feed, recording videos in stories, etc.

Also, you can promote your profile on other social networks. But, first, you must define who your persona is and start talking about a subject that you have a domain. If your content is good, you will gain followers.

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