How to Find Downloaded Files and Photos on iPhone

Are you having trouble finding files and photos downloaded on your iPhone? After downloading a photo or file from the internet, you can find them on the iPhone, so just follow the steps in this tutorial.

From time to time, you will download files to your iPhone. These can be PDFs, Word documents, images, videos. You choose. But where do all these files go on an iPhone? This guide should help you find any content you have downloaded from the internet to your iPhone.

Find downloaded images in the Photos app on your iPhone

Having trouble finding a file you recently downloaded on your iPhone? Do not worry. First, you just need to know the right place to look for it. Typically, your iPhone will store files and photos in a different location.

To find images downloaded on your iPhone, go to the Photos App.


Find Downloaded Files in the Files App on Your iPhone

If you can’t find your image inside the Photo app, it’s likely that it isn’t saved there anyway. Normally, when downloading a photo to your iPhone, you can choose to Save to Photos or Save to Files. 

However, if you saved it in the Files application, read on. However, follow these steps to find your Safari or other browser downloads.



What if your files aren’t in your downloads folder?

You won’t find your downloads in the Downloads folder if you no longer use Safari’s default storage location. On recent iOS versions, Apple lets you choose a default download location for your Safari downloads.

If you’ve changed your default download location and can’t remember, go to Settings > Safari and select Downloads under GeneralYou should see your current download location.

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