How to Pin Instagram Comment on iPhone (2021)

Find out how to pin Instagram comment on iPhone through this post. Also, see what comment is pinned, learn how to rock lives on this social network, and much more.

Instagram is the biggest social network at the moment, which is making successful all over the world. On Instagram, you can share photos and videos, apply filters, interact and chat with other users, among other functions.

How to fix Instagram comments on Android?

Instagram recently released a new feature to make users’ posts more engaged, now you can pin favorite comments on posted photos and videos. According to Instagram itself, this feature promotes better conversation management. See now the step-by-step how to fix Instagram comments on Android:

  • First login and login to your Instagram;
  • Then, access your profile and enter your publication;
  • Open the post’s comments;
  • Now press and hold on the comment you want to pin to open some options, then select the pin;
  • A message box will open, tap Pin comment to confirm;
  • Okay, once that is done, the selected comment will be fixed in the publication, that is, it will be highlighted.

How to pin Instagram comments to iPhone?

Check out now how to pin an Instagram comments on iPhone:

  • Log into your Instagram account;
  • Then go to your profile and go to your post;
  • Open the comments and slide over one of them to show some icons;
  • Click pin icon to secure;
  • A message will now appear in the app, tap Pin comment to continue;
  • Once this is done, the selected comment will be highlighted in the publication

What does it mean fixed on Instagram?

After Instagram launched the pin comment feature, in most user posts you can check pinned comments, especially on famous people’s profiles and popular pages. This feature helped a lot mainly by increasing people’s engagement.

Instagram now allows the user to pin up to three comments at the top of posts so that those comments appear prominently among the other messages left in the post. When you pin a comment, it is displayed at the top of the page with a pin icon, and the person who wrote it receives a notification. To post a pinned comment, the configuration is done manually.

How to fix live comment on Instagram?

Lives on Instagram are growing more and more, and this feature is being very useful especially for companies that take the opportunity to present content and even to close deals. And just like in publications, in lives, you can also fix comments.

But be aware that only those who are broadcasting live can post comments during the live broadcast. Also, more than one comment can be fixed. The process for posting live comments on Instagram is very easy, check out the step-by-step instructions below:

  • First, tap the comment you want to display;
  • Select the option Pin this comment.

Why can’t I pin a comment on Instagram?

It could be that your Instagram is not up to date, if it isn’t, you need to update it. But, if you’re up to date and everything is fine, then you should report an issue to Instagram so they can see what it might be and resolve the issue.

How to pump up your lives on Instagram

Here are some tips to boost your Instagram lives:

  • Prepare a good scene, with good lighting;
  • Live with good audio and video quality;
  • Inform in advance the day and time that the life will take place;
  • Before starting, invite other people to your live;
  • During the live, be friendly and try to pay attention to the people present during the broadcast.


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