How to Record Meeting on Meet on Mobile (Free)

Check out how to record meetings on Meet by mobile through this post. In addition, use the article to answer questions related to Meet and also to learn more about this platform that is being used a lot. Google Meet is a platform where you can securely create and participate in high-quality video calls with up to 250 people. This tool became widely used after the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Record Meeting on Meet on Mobile?

Before starting the recording, you need to activate Google Drive which stores the screen recording, via the G Suite administrator account. Only after doing this will users be able to access this feature. The administrator needs to enable Google Drive for users of the same company, as that way the video calls will be saved on the drive after being recorded. See how to activate Google Drive:

  • Sign in with the Google administrator account;
  • Go to Apps, then G Suite and Google Drive and Google Docs;
  • Tap Edit Service;
  • Click Activate for All and Save.

Now check out how to enable call recording on Meet:

  • Enter the admin account in the Google Admin Console;
  • From the main page, go to apps, then G Suite, Google Meet, and tap Meet Settings;
  • If you want everyone to have access to the role, leave the parent organization selected or filter by groups;
  • Tap Recording and enable the Allow people to record meetings option;
  • Finally, tap Save.

See how to record video call:

  • Sign in to Google Meet and start a meeting or join one;
  • Tap the three dots next to Present Now;
  • Then tap Record the meeting;
  • Once that is done, the Recording icon will be displayed on the left side of the screen;
  • To end recording tap Stop recording;
  • Click on Stop Recording again to confirm;
  • Now just wait for the recording file to be generated and ready.

I can’t record meetings on Google Meet, now what?

To be able to record meetings on Google Meet, you need to have G Suite domain administrator permission. If you are unable to record meetings, then you will need to contact your company support.

How to photograph on Meet?

To photograph the screen of Meet, just take a screenshot. If your device is Windows to take a print just press the FN + Print Screen keys together. Once that’s done, just paste and save the capture in some editing program, such as Paint for example. Once that’s done, you’ll have the Meet photo.

How to record class on Google Meet as a student?

There is no way to record class on Google Meet as a student. To record the lesson a Google Workspace administrator needs to enable recording in your account. Be aware that who can record the meeting are: the meeting organizer and people in the same organization as the organizer.

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How do I see everyone on Google Meet on mobile?

During a meeting held through Google Meet, the system automatically determines the best way to present the images on the screen, usually giving a greater emphasis to the person who is currently speaking. But as more participants join a meeting, the tiled view shows up to eight tiles on the screen.However, Google Meet offers its own feature that allows you to view the participants’ cameras simultaneously. To activate this feature, just follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Tap the three dots at the top of the screen;
  • Then click on Change layout;
  • Tap Mosaic;
  • Now adjust the number of people you will see on the screen through the ball, rolling it.

How do I turn off the camera on Meet on my mobile?

To turn off the camera, just click on Camera, after that the camera icon will be displayed with a cut in the middle, which means that it is disabled. Now, if it has just the normal camera icon, it indicates that the camera is turned on. So be aware of that.Google Meet is Google’s most successful video conferencing platform, and the good thing about this platform is that it’s free.

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