How to See What the Person Liked on Instagram? (2021)

Want to know how to see what the person has liked on Instagram? So, know that below we will reveal how to do this. Also, in this article, you’ll check out everything about Instagram likes. Instagram is the biggest social network at the moment, and through it, you can share photos, videos, apply filters, share on other social networks, and much more. Instagram is the most used social network in the world and is making a big hit.

How to see a person’s activity on Instagram? 

Anyone who has been using Instagram for a long time remembers that before, there was a tab available in the app where you could see what people you follow were doing, like likes, comments, all interactions could be seen through this tab.

 This was a great way to see what friends were up to on this social network. But, over time, Instagram has been updating and this feature has been removed from the application, that is, it no longer exists.

So please be aware that it is now not possible to see a person’s activity on Instagram as this feature has been removed from the app. But, there are some platforms that can help you see a person’s activity, as Instagram has dropped that alternative.

How to see what the person liked on Instagram?

A while ago Instagram had a tab called “You” in which you could check the activities of people the user followed. However, this tool was removed from the app, and now anyone who wants to see what a person has liked on Instagram needs to use other features, such as websites and apps.

To see what the person liked on Instagram, there is a website called Snoopreport, this is a monitoring platform where you can get inside every step of a person on the network, like checking likes and comments, you just can’t see the conversations chat, but the other information is available.

To use this platform, first, you need to create an account on the website and then just add the Instagram accounts you want to track. But, know that even if creating an account on Snoopreport is free, you must buy time packs (4, 26, or 52 weeks), stipulating in this way, the time in which you will have access to the news of the chosen accounts.

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Do you have an app to see what the person liked on Instagram?

So far we don’t know of any app that lets you see what someone else has liked on Instagram. But, the Snoopreport website we mentioned above is being very efficient at checking anyone’s Instagram activity. With this platform, you can see what the person likes and follows on this social network.

So, as we can see, so far the only way you have access to what the person has liked on Instagram is through a website called Snoopreport. Through it, you can keep an eye on some other people’s actions, which so far have not been found in any application.

I can’t see the person’s Instagram likes, what to do?

Instagram is an ever-evolving social network. Previously, this social network had a tab called You, where it was possible to check the activities of people that the user followed, activities such as likes, comments, etc. But over time this tool was removed from Instagram.

Without this tool, users were left without access to other people’s activities and therefore had to resort to third-party platforms, such as websites.

About Instagram’s new rules

It’s been a few years since Instagram started to hide the You tab that showed the main activities of users. But, it wasn’t just this change that this social network adhered to. Another significant change that took place was in 2019 when the platform began to hide the number of likes in posts, now only the owner of the profile has access to this data.

Over the years, Instagram has changed a lot and received several updates, one of which was the removal of the option to see what people are enjoying on this network.

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