How to Unsubscribe Spotify on Android and iPhone (2021)

Check out how to unsubscribe Spotify from your mobile phone, whether Android or iPhone, follow the tutorial and manage to unsubscribe once and for all. Spotify is an excellent music streaming, but many people complain about the difficulty of canceling the services, so it’s time to learn and understand how it works.

Unsubscribe Spotify Android and iPhone

There is no way to cancel a Spotify subscription in the app, if you want to cancel your Spotify plan you need to visit the official website. Follow the tutorial below and learn how to cancel and then see how to delete your account on the most famous music streaming in the world

  • Enter your mobile internet browser;
  •  Go to ;
  • Log in to your account;
  • Scroll the page until you find the option “change plan”;

  • Now scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the Spotify Free plan;
  • Click on “cancel Spotify Premium”

NOTE: There is no penalty for cancellation, either for canceling or delaying.

As you can see, it’s as if you were changing your plan, leaving the paid plan known as “Premium” and entering the “Free”. In other words, you can continue listening to music and podcasts, but with restrictions and advertisements during the sound.

This tutorial is valid for all systems, whether your account is connected to a TV, video game, or computer. Just open the official website and follow the step by steps.

I can’t cancel Spotify Premium subscription

Many users complain, especially on Spotify’s Complain Here, saying that they can’t cancel the subscription at all. One of the biggest mistakes users make is trying to cancel on the site, when in fact the subscription was made on the App Store or Google Play. Therefore, it is necessary to cancel at the store where the plan subscription was made. See how it should be done through the iPhone:

  • Go to “Adjustments”;
  • Click on your name;
  • Go to the option “Subscriptions”;

  • Choose Spotify and select the “unsubscribe” option

If I cancel Spotify, do I lose the downloaded songs?

Not! The downloaded songs and playlists remain saved in your account, even if you are not a subscriber. But, it won’t have some features that only exist in Premium. Remember, if you change the account on your cell phone, all the songs downloaded to your account are lost.

This happens because the songs are saved on the account and not on the cell phone, they are all in the cloud, so they can even be listened to offline.

Unsubscribe and then get the promotion

The monthly fee is 16.90 reais. But the company’s promotions always appear with much more affordable values. Example: 3 months for 19.90 reais. It is also possible to take advantage of promotions with annual payments that are cheaper. Example: 1 year for 160 reais, 30 reais off.

Delete Spotify Account (Delete Permanently)

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Alternatives to Spotify

We did an article with the 10 best apps to listen to music, there we have excellent alternatives to Spotify, it’s worth checking it out! But summing up the post, it all depends on your musical taste, currently, in India Apple Music and YouTube Music have been great alternatives to Spotify. Amazon Music has been growing a lot all over the world, even for being one of the cheapest music streaming in the market.

3 months free trial

It is still possible to get 3 months free to try Spotify, although the default is only 1 month, there are still promotions for 3 months free, stay tuned! Remember that after the 3 months of free trial it is necessary to cancel, otherwise, the amount of 1 month will be charged to your credit or debit card.

Spotify Paid Version vs Free Version

A lot of people prefer to use the free version! So much so that the company now has more than 286 million users, with only 130 million being Premium accounts (paid), most registered users use a free account.

Therefore, if you are unable to pay the streaming monthly fee, it is worth listening to the free version, which is the same as watching videos on YouTube without the Premium version.

Spotify plans

Individual Plan entitles you to 1 account and costs R$16.90 per month. Duo Plan is entitled to 2 accounts and costs R$21.90 per month. Family Plan has up to 6 accounts and costs R$ 26.90 reais. The University Plan costs R$8.50 per month. All paid plans do not contain ads or advertisements, you can listen anywhere, even offline. In the family plan, it is still possible to have the Spotify Kids option made especially for children, with the option to block explicit music.

Payment methods

You can pay with UPI, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and credit cards as well Net-banking. And debit cards from the banks issued. With each new payment, you will receive in your email a receipt confirming the payment, the email arrives with the name of Spotify Payment Receipt, which is the payment method used for payments in India. You can also pay using wallets like Paytm, PhonePe, and many more.


We teach you how to cancel and delete an account, as well as show you how to pay less with discounts and free trials, we also show alternatives to other music apps to download in place of Spotify.

I hope you like it and in case of doubt, leave your questions in the comments. We’ll try to answer everyone and explain better how to unsubscribe from Spotify and other apps.

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