How to Add a Background Image to iPhone Safari with iOS 15

When you open Safari on iPhone, the home page has a plain white background. In dark mode, it turns black, and that’s it. However, with iOS 15, you can choose a colorful wallpaper as your Safari background. If you want something personal, you can even use it in iPhone Safari.

See how to customize the Safari background on your iPhone.

How to Set a Background Image for iPhone Safari

These steps show you how to customize your screen background in Safari using Apple images. However, if you want to use a custom image, make sure you’ve saved it in the Photos app (and not somewhere else, such as the Files app, Google Drive, or Dropbox).

So, when you’re ready, you can follow the steps below:

1. Open Safari on iPhone with iOS 15 or later and tap Edit.

2. Activate the Background image as shown in the image below

3. Here Apple has included predefined background images. Or tap the plus (+) icon to select an image in the Photos app.

Safari with a beautiful background!

Now you know how to change the white or black background in Safari to something more colorful, fun, and above all personal. If you want to return to the minimalist design, just disable switching to image the Fund, so follow this tutorial.

Okay, now you can change the background image of your iPhone’s Safari screen, especially improving your device’s interface.

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