How to Know How Many People Follow Me on Facebook (2021)

Want to know how many people follow you on Facebook? So, know that we’ll show you how to do this below, and we’ll also show you several other interesting contents related to this social network.

Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, both students at Harvard University at the time, and they developed a social network unique to the campus. And in 2004, Mark created, which became Facebook.

How to see how many people follow me on Facebook from my phone

Not only famous people can have followers on Facebook, but any of us can also activate the list of followers on this social network. Followers are people who are not our friends on the network but can see all the content and posts we post.

Before trying to find out how many people follow you on Facebook, it’s important to check if you have activated the option of followers because if not, there won’t be anyone following you.

Google Chrome

Access this link

Check out how to see who your followers are:

  • Login to your Facebook profile;
  • Access your account with your username and password;
  • Access the Followers section by clicking on this link ;
  • After that, you will be able to see all the followers you have on this social network.

Enter the follower’s section

  • Log into your Facebook page;
  • Tap Information at the top of the page, next to Notifications;
  • On the left side, tap Followers;
  • After that, Facebook will display the number of followers on your profile, and also have a way to check who they are;
  • To find out more about your followers, just click on People on the left side;
  • Know that on the Facebook page, you can check the demographics of the followers, such as age, gender, city, and other information.

How to activate the option to have followers on Facebook

Check how to activate the option to have followers on Facebook:

  • Log into your Facebook, and on the top blue bar, access your profile settings;
  • In the options sidebar, tap Followers;
  • It is noteworthy that, by default, your friends already follow you. However, if you want anyone to follow your profile, just check the Everyone option;
  • To allow your followers to comment on your posts, just go to Follower Comments and activate the All option;
  • Okay, with this option enabled, you’ll receive notifications about new followers and you’ll be able to check all the people who commented on your posts.

Can those who follow me on Facebook see my posts?

Facebook has the option to follow, and anyone who follows you can see your posts without having to have you as friends. In addition, you can manage this function and determine whether or not these people can comment on your posts and interact with you.

So, if you have activated the option of followers on your profile, be aware that they will be able to see your posts, without having to add you as a friend. If you want to have a more private profile on this network, it is better to disable the option of followers.

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