How to Put Password on Netflix Profile (TV, Mobile, PC)

Below, we will show you how to enter a password on the Netflix profile, via mobile, PC, and TV. In addition, you will also check out more content about this platform, such as account sharing precautions, plans, and much more.

Netflix is ​​a platform for movies and series very well known around the world. This provider was created in the United States, in the year of 1997, and initially appeared as a DVD delivery service by mail. Currently, this service has more than 200 million subscribers.

How to Put password Netflix profile from phone

Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to enter a password on your Netflix profile from your cell phone:

  • Enter the Netflix app on your mobile and tap the More option, which is located in the right corner of the bottom menu;
  • Tap Account and your mobile browser will open in the configuration tab of your profile;
  • Search and enter the profile you want to edit using the arrow icon and, in the Profile Lock option choose the Change option;
  • Now enter your account password and tap Continue;
  • Select the Require a PIN to access profile option to enable password creation;
  • Enter a valid password, which must even be entered whenever the profile is accessed;
  • Then tap Save;
  • Ready. After that, you will always need to enter a four-digit password when accessing your Netflix account.

How to Put password Netflix on TV

It is not possible to put a password on the Netflix profile from the TV. But, there’s how to do this on the PC, here’s how:

  • Enter the Netflix website through your computer browser and tap your profile picture, located in the upper right corner;
  • In the menu, enter the option Account;
  • Browse and select the profile you want to edit;
  • Tap the down arrow to open the profile options menu;
  • Look for the Profile Lock option and click Switch;
  • Enter your account password and tap Continue;
  • Check the option Request a PIN to access the profile to enable the creation of a password;
  • Now create a password that must be entered whenever the profile is accessed;
  • When finished, tap Save;
  • After saving the password, the message Lock of the saved profile will appear, indicating that you have entered the password.
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Why use a password on Netflix profile

Netflix is ​​without a doubt one of the biggest streaming platforms around the world. In fact, India was already among the top ten countries that most consumed content on this platform. Netflix really is the biggest success, mainly for the original movies and series that it makes available, having a wide catalog of options.

And the biggest reason to use a password on your Netflix profile is to have greater control over who watches the movies and series on your account. That’s why the platform makes this option available to enter a four-digit password, to further protect the users’ account.

About Netflix plans

Netflix offers users three plan options, which are: the basic at RS 199.00 per month, the standard at RS 499.00 per month, and the premium at RS 799.00 per month. The most signed is the basic plan, as it is the simplest and cheapest the company offers.

There is no way to use multiple screens simultaneously and downloads can only be performed on a mobile device. This is a recommended plan for those looking for an individual subscription and using mobile devices and computers to watch the series and movies.

Care when sharing account

By subscribing to Netflix it is possible to purchase the use of one, two, or four screens, depending on the plan that was chosen. This is a cool way to share the service on this platform with your family. When contracting the plan with the number of screens needed, remember that you can use it with a maximum of three other people. This is a cool way to share an account.

But, anyway, when sharing an account with other people it is very important to be aware. Also because these people will use the same password as yours.

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