How to Put a Password on the Amazon Prime Profile

Learn how to put password your Amazon Prime profile through this article. In addition, we’ll also show you how to add a profile to Amazon Prime Video, how to switch profiles, and more. Below we will show you everything about this platform, stay tuned.

Amazon Prime is a monthly or yearly subscription with many benefits including streaming movies, TV series, and music, discounts on eligible purchases and free fast shipping, exclusive shopping offers, reading, games, and more.

How to add a profile on Amazon Prime Video

You can create more than one profile on Amazon Prime Video. After users were asking too much, Amazon released the add profile feature. In total, there are now one main and five additional ones, between adult and child users.

So, Amazon Prime Video now supports up to six profiles in the same user account, each with a different viewing history and access to different content. To give you an idea, children’s profiles, for example, can only access content according to the defined age group.

Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to add a profile to Amazon Prime Video by mobile:

  • Sign in to the Amazon Prime Video app;
  • Click on the My Area option, located in the lower right corner;
  • Tap the active profile name and then + Create profile;
  • Choose a name for the profile and select the icon;
  • In Kids Profile, activate the key if the profile is for a child to use;
  • Finally, click on Save.
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How to change your Amazon Prime profile on Smart TV

Amazon Prime Video allows the user to edit profiles from within the app on the smart TV. This feature is interesting for users who want to keep their profile or guest access data up to date. In addition, it is also possible to create new accounts to make the service more organized in different profiles in case the Amazon account login is shared with other users.

Check out now how to edit your profile on Amazon Prime on Smart TV:

  • Enter the service application and use the navigation buttons on the remote to enter the Edit option, just below the profile you want to edit;
  • Then click on the Ok option on the remote control;
  • Change the username to your liking by navigating the on-screen virtual keyboard;
  • Then select the Save option to finish;
  • To create a new profile within your account, choose the New option and select the Ok option on the remote control;
  • Enter a name for the profile with the help of the virtual keyboard on the application screen. If the user is a child you can indicate this by selecting the This profile is for a child option;
  • Finally, tap Save;
  • Ready.
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How to put a password on Amazon Prime profile

It is possible to put a password on the Amazon Prime profile when shopping. This is a great parental control option for in-app purchases. To avoid unwanted in-app purchases, please enable parental controls for added device security. Check out how to do this:

  • Sign in to the Amazon Appstore on the device;
  • Click Account, Settings, and then Parental Controls;
  • Click on the Enable Parental Controls option and enter your Amazon account password;
  • Ready. With this option enabled, you will need to enter your Amazon account password to complete in-app purchases.

About Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is nothing more than a streaming service from Amazon, which works like any other tool for consuming series and movies, and is very similar to Netflix and Globoplay. This feature has apps for Android and iOS, video games, Smart TVs and can also be watched by the web browser.

In addition to Prime Video as mentioned above, the Amazon Prime subscription also includes: Prime Music, which is a collection of over 2 million songs for streaming, but inferior to the Amazon Music Unlimited catalog. It also has unlimited free shipping on purchases of any value, for items with a Prime seal.

There’s even Prime Reading, which is a library of eBooks and magazines, and Twitch Prime, which gives access to a free monthly subscription to the live streaming platform and access to loots.

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