How to Save Instagram Stories with Music (Android and iOS)

Check out now how to save Instagram Stories with music. Also, check out how to save someone else’s Instagram stories, see how to put Instagram music on WhatsApp, and more.

When an Instagram story with music is saved in the mobile gallery, unfortunately, it is not possible to play the music. However, there are some options that provide alternatives to work around this limitation and, below, we will show how to do this in a practical way.

How to Save Instagram Stories with Music

The official Instagram app only saves stories without playing the song, but there are some sites that allow you to download stories with audio. But, before showing you how to do this, know that the profile must be public to be able to download the stories with audio. See step-by-step how to save Instagram stories with music, remembering that it works on Android and iOS phones and even on a computer:

  • Enter your device’s browser and access the website ;
  • In the field “Type the username of the Instagram account” enter the name of the person who wants to download the stories;
  • Then click Download;
  • Now fill in the captcha and wait for the page to load;
  • At this point, it will be possible to check all the stories posted by the person in the last 24 hours;
  • In the story you want to save, click Save as Video;
  • The story with sound will be displayed on another page, tap on it and then Download video;
  • Okay, after doing that the story will have been saved with sound.
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Download Instagram stories with music online

In addition to Story Saver, another efficient site for downloading Instagram stories with music is Zasasa. So, check out the step-by-step instructions on how to download Instagram stories with music from this site below:\

  • Start by accessing the Zasasa website in your browser;
  • Then enter the URL of the profile that has the story you want to save from Instagram;
  • The site will now ask for an ID. So it will ask you to access a code and then copy it into the dialog box;
  • Now select the story you want to download;
  • Now choose the size you want;
  • Tap on the Save link as an option and choose where you want to save;
  • Okay, after that the store will have been saved.

How to put Instagram music on WhatsApp

Unlike Instagram, on WhatsApp, you don’t have the option to put statuses with music, but you can use some tricks to do this. What you can do is copy your Instagram story and put it on your WhatsApp status. To do this, you can use the StorySaver website as we’ve shown above, download the Instagram story and then put it in your WhatsApp status.

If you don’t want to go through this whole process, then know that you can put music in another way. See now the step by step how to do this:

  • Enter a music app of your choice, it can be Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Premium, Deezer, among others;
  • Select and put the song you want to put in status to play on your mobile;
  • Access your WhatsApp and see that the player is still active at the top of the screen;
  • Click Status and then + to add a status;
  • Now place your hand over the camera to make the screen go black or record a normal video with music playing in the background;
  • Afterward, just stop recording and you will have the video with the audio sound in the background.
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How to save someone else’s Instagram stories

Instagram offers the option where everyone can download their own story on their cell phone. However, there is no way to download other people’s stories, this social network does not offer this option natively. But, there are some apps, websites, and extensions that let you easily save someone else’s Instagram stories.

As Instagram does not offer this option to download someone else’s stories, you need to use some tools to do this. Below we’ll walk you through how to save someone else’s Instagram stories using a Google Chrome browser extension, check it out:

  • In the Google Chrome browser add the Stories for Instagram extension ;
  • Click the Use in Chrome option;
  • Open Instagram and login to your account;
  • Tap the extension button, which is next to Chrome’s address bar, and tap Go to Stories;
  • If this option is not displayed, tap the puzzle icon to check all installed extensions;
  • Now tap the eye icon next to the profile of the person you want to download the stories;
  • When stories open, tap the Download option, which is located in the upper left corner;
  • If you click on Download All, you will download all the publications that are still in Stories.
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